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Art Therapy Services

 for Children, Teens, and Adults

Brush Strokes Art Therapy
Brush Strokes Art Therapy

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People often have a misconception of what art therapy is.  I often get asked if I read people's art work or help people make better art.  This makes me smile because it is a little bit true, except I am not a mind reader.  

Art therapy is a specialized masters level counseling practice that encourages people to express themselves and problem solve through the usage of art media. Art therapy is about the process involved while making art, the interactions and conversations; not the product. You don't have to know anything about art or have the ability to ever draw or paint to benefit from art therapy.

One of the missions of an art therapist is also to educate and advocate. The majority of the places that I have worked at involved educating businesses and organizations on the benefits of art therapy and what it can do for their clients; resulting in so many new opportunties.  Proof positive of the power and impact of art therapy.
Brush Strokes Art Thearpy

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About Me:

Sonia A. Thomas


Masters level, board certified art therapist; certified grief counselor; trained artist; and mom.  

I have experience working with children and adults using art to express their feelings, problem solve, build self-esteem, and process grief and loss.

Originally from the midwest I relocated to Florida in 2007.  I have had the priviledge of providing art therapy services in a variet of settings: hospitals, schools, private rehabilitation institutions, community grant projects and hospices.  

My sessions have ranged from individual, group, and family. Sessions have been at camps, in schools, in homes, and in private settings.

I strongly believe in tailoring each and every session to my client at all times.  I always go into all of my sessions with an open mind. First, ask the client how they are and what they need to work on and then flex as needed while maintaining structure.

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Why Art Therapy?

Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to express yourself.

Art making keeps your hands busy which can make it more comfortable to talk.

Sometimes there are no words.  Visiual expression and exploration can aid to "show what you mean"

Art making with a trained art therapist opens a communication about the art process and how it relates to their current treatment goals.

The art itself is a tangible object that can show progress or decline.

The art work can serve as a memorial for grief work, reflect growth or decline, serve as a new outlet for positive self-expression.

Brush Strokes Art Therapy