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 Counseling and Mental Health

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Art Therapy Services

 for Children, Teens, and Adults

Summer STUDENT Art Therapy Group for students interested in studying art therapy


Registration Limited, click for more information


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Art Therapy and Children

Children naturally use art to express themselves at an early age.

Sometimes we may not understand what they are trying to communicate.  An art therapist understands how to communicate with children while using art as a means of expression.

Since children have a great ability to share and communicate while making art, it can help them to feel understood.  The way that children create is a major key; the colors, the action, the sounds, the movement, and the layering are all important aspects to their communication.

Art therapy can be a fun way to explore thoughts and feelings safely.

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Student Summer Art Therapy Group 2016

If you are a student +17yrs and are interested in learning about the field of art therapy in a hands on group, please contact me for more information.  The group would focus on education, populations, tecnniques, art materials, mock art therapy groups, and of course...art and fun!

Fridays, starting on June 24.

click here for more information

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If you are an individual, business or organization and are interested in learning more about art therapy or how art therapy can be used in your home or place of business, please feel free to contact me.

I am happy to discuss the benefits of art therapy and how it can enhance your current programing.

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The American Art Therapy Association

and the

Florida Art Therapy Association

Are collecting money for Children Mental Health Awareness Week.

Please contribute to our cause.  We are working on providing more assessable art therapy services to children.

Please click below for more information and to donate.


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Art Therapy and Teenagers

Being a teenager today is not an easy job.

Teenagers face a variety of stressors including: changes at home; pressures to achieve at school, and on sports teams; avoiding peer pressure into drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity; bullying, friendships, romance, and trying to "fit in".

While a teenager is trying to figure themselves out, it can be difficult or embarassing to talk to someone.  Art therapy is an excellent avenue for teenagers to express themselves in the way that they know how...creatively without judgement.  An opportunity to be heard.

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On-Site Services

& Office Visits

Currently serving South Florida in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County.

On-site art therapy services are available in your home, business, camp, or organization.

Office visits are by appointment only at my shared office space in Pompano Beach at The Forum Office Building off I95 N and Atlantic Ave exit, next to John Knox Medical Center.

600 SW 3rd Street

Pompano Beach FL 33060

Sessions can be for individuals, groups, or families.

All sessions are tailored to address your specific needs.

To schedule an appointment or to inquire about services please call:

Sonia Thomas 954-856-3110



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Homestead Camp:

November 2016

Camp Erin 2016

Brush Strokes Art Therapy's Sonia Thomas conducted the art therapy sessions at the 2016 Camp Erin Camp in Ft Lauderdale this Spring!

We are exctied to offer a free children's bereavement camp to children ages 5-17. Please contact Catholic Hospice in Miami for more information.

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Art Therapy and 


Art therapy is not just for children, it is for adults too!

Some adults embrace art and use it in their daily lives as either artists, as a hobby, with photography, and even arts and crafts.

Some adults say that they are scared of art because "I draw stick people".  Honestly, most adults do draw stick people. Children draw freely because it is fun and they do not compare their work to others until adolescents. As adolescents, we are discovering ourselves and start to notice whom is better at something than you are.  At that stage in life we either continue to excel or stop doing things that were once fun.  We do this because we are self-critical of our work.  The age that you stopped drawing at (say 9-12) is the same level you are still at today.  That is why most adults draw "stick people", so no worries!

Art therapy is not about your ability of artistic skill but about your willingness to let go and explore yourself.  Art materials are a great way to express, relax, get dirty, and discover new things about yourself; unlike an art class where technique and skill are key.  You will learn new techniques in art therapy and you could advance your skills greatly but that is not the goal; unless that is something you would like.

Art therapy can be a great addition to your daily life as well as an additive to your current therapies and medical interventions.

Current Organization Partnerships

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Now conducting art therapy groups for adutls with mild memory impairments at Miami Jewish Health Systems. Groups now in session.

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Q Health in West Palm Beach, FL

Offering group art therapy sessions to men and women on their journey to sobriety.  

Ellaine Peck is my fantastic art therapist in Palm Beach County.  She provides art therapy groups to IOP clients at Q Health!  Thank you Ellaine, you are doing an amazing job and we are proud to have you!

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Broward General Medical Center: Oncology

Offering individal and group art therapy sessions to adults in the out-patient infusion center at Broward General in Ft. Lauderdale! 

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Lynn Cancer Center/ Boca Raton Regional Hospital AND Delray Location

Offering monthly group art therapy session to adults with cancer and their caregivers as part of their support services to the community.  

Groups in Boca are the first Wednesday of the month from 10-11:30 am.  

Groups in Delray Beach are the first Tuesday of the month from 11:30-12:30 pm.

RSVP required

Contact the Lynn Cancer Center for more information.

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Now offering group art therapy sessions with teens recovering from substance abuse in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

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